Workplaces, just like before! efficiently makes workplaces safe. With features that check for employee attendance to room occupancy exceeds, ensures that workplaces are the perfect places to work.
Working tension-free with AI.

Safe. Monitored. Untroubled. understands the productive ambience of a workplace. With COVID-19 crisis, ensures that workplaces offer a secured work environment at all times.
We offer features that range from monitoring employee attendance, social distancing to detecting employee productivity.
Keeping workplaces safe with AI.

Features’s workplace safety features encourage workplaces to be secure while employees work untroubled. Our features keep a check on your workplace, as we reduce transmission of COVID-19 while you work.

Security Team Presence

Detect if your security team is present on point

Covid Safety - Mask

Ensures adhere to mask use, at all times.

Open and close store

Log when your store gets opened and closed by your employees

Sanitisation Alerts

Monitor and ensure public spaces are sanitised frequently in your lifts, cabins, conference rooms and cafeterias.

Room Occupancy

Immediately detects deviation in room occupancy and alerts in any excess.

Violence Detection

Detects for any signs of violence or unaccepted behaviour at the workplace

Social Distancing

Ensures proper distancing as required by the workplace standards

CCTV Tampering Alert

Monitor any tampering that are done to the CCTV infrastructure.

Electricity Usage Monitoring

Detect and alert if your store lights are on after closing hours.

Realtime Alerts

We also provide you realtime alerts so that you can take required action with quantifiable data in your workplace.
With over 5000+ hours of video feed analysed, OurEye never blinks


SOP Compliance monitored


Customers insights provided


People screened

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