Clean & Hygienic Kitchens

Detect for food & hygiene breaches at restaurants, hotel kitchens & cloud kitchens. Take control of the food served, location’s cleanliness, employee grooming and more.

Transparent data. Detailed accuracy. offers a seamless experience in personally understanding metrics of your kitchen with designed Dashboard. Easy to use and easier to understand, our dashboard works smoothly on your laptop and mobile phones.
Complete management at your fingertips.

Features offers features that control your kitchen and manage it. Your kitchen. Your rules.

Kitchen SOP Deviation

Ensures that personnel adhere to wearing masks, hairnets, aprons and maintain personal grooming according to kitchen standards.

Hygiene Tracking

Detects for continual employee hand-wash, unclean kitchen floors, open dustbins in your kitchen and provides Hygiene Index.

Veg/Non-Veg Zone Separation

Ensures that the veg & non-veg zone always remains segregated for smooth customer experience.

Customer Insights

Customer demographics, Peak rush hour monitoring, Gender ratio monitoring and much more

Outlet Counter Tracking

Detects for unmanned billing counters and track KOTs before customer delivery.

CCTV Tampering Alert

Monitor any tampering that are done to the CCTV infrastructure.

Open and close store

Log when your store gets opened and closed by your employees

Electricity Usage Monitoring

Detect and alert if your store lights are on after closing hours.

Footfall Monitoring

Calculates the footfall of customers coming in your food court

Realtime Alerts

We also provide you realtime alerts so that you can take required action with quantifiable data in your kitchens.
With over 5000+ hours of video feed analysed, OurEye never blinks


SOP Compliance monitored


Customers insights provided


People screened

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