Booming OurEye into 2021

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
~Winston Churchill
The year 2020 transformed the world. A newfound global pandemic and a revolutionized living. ‘Where is your mask?’ as the new anthem and ‘social-distancing’ the 'Word of the Year'.
As pandits of science & medicine racked their brains to find the cure, laymen searched for means of livelihood, ironically contrary to growth, essayed at the start of 2020.
As unemployment and global layoffs rose to disheartening heights, businesses and entrepreneurs set aside planning & growth, to pull safe through hard times. To stay afloat even when the horizon of tomorrow seemed clouded.
Where was the business going? The shops? Start-ups? Small scale businesses?
After months of exhaustion and determination to survive, businesses today are rising and reopening. Kick-starting, they are looking forward to making things happen. And this is the spirit OurEye thrives on. is a revolutionary digital product that is branding companies, keeping it customer-oriented and worth the experience. OurEye is making the most of it by bringing cameras to life, aiding organizations that are making 2021 a year of chances and opportunities.
Our digital product amplifies the CCTV cameras as it records and reflects each action in an arena. The unique OurEye’s tech-surveillance deploys ‘virtual auditors’. These detect for minute observations that could include wearing facemasks to larger detection like unauthorized breaking. This way each camera enhanced with OurEye technology is monitoring with precision just like a manual eye.
The product can function with competence in kitchen spaces, cloud kitchens and restaurants, keeping the food you consume wholesome and safe. Empowering better, OurEye works efficiently in construction sites, manufacturing & processing factories, detecting relevant metrics, ranging from employee activity to proper uniform and more, apart from the common factors of demographics like age and gender.
Simplifying the whole process for easier governance- ‘Dashboards’ come to the rescue. With customized featuring and easy monitoring to regulate the cleaning and sanitization process, the seamless data dashboard manages it all in one place.
As businesses normalize the non-wfh mode, OurEye permits them to be supervised, managed and notified to keep up with safety rules and regulations for a hygienic and safe work environment.
With, it's a new world of tracking. It’s revolutionizing cameras, with life.