AI setting new horizons in Food

How beautiful the word sounds and how delicious when it runs down the mouth. Food has dynamically evolved from three simple square meals to a delicious platter of world cuisines. Today food has become more than just survival.
With food that is savoured for it’s taste than just human existence, demands to consume quality tasty & clean food has variably gone high. Bringing in the need of AI.
AI stands for artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence of the machine picks up thinking patterns & likes just like a human mind. It progresses to curating menus, choose food according to mood, make reservations at restaurants or even help choose a DIY food with the available ingredients at home.
Is it not amazing?
What’s even more amazing is how AI is massively changing the industry of Food & Beverage. Let’s see how!!!
Assorting Packages & Products
How would a basket of assorted oranges make you feel??
Food companies face the massive challenge of processing food and sorting them into similar categories. For example, an orange, potato, tomato is different from each other and sorting manually would take time. This time would indirectly expand the time taken to package and market, keeping the company low on business.
The simple solution to it- AI.
Taking inspiration to solve this problem and save mankind from manual tedious work, a Japanese food processing company created TensorFlow. Purely based on AI, it identifies the mismatch in the ‘lot’ of food and segregates them for complete wholesome processing.
Maintaining cleanliness
Cleanliness is a game-changer when any food & beverage associated company is trying to make their business run. It’s just not the food but hugely extends to the equipment associated with it. With the expansion of business, manual labour surely reduced but what about the machines?
“What if the machines are dirty?”- Biggest concern!!
With customer satisfaction as a major push to the survival of the business, having contaminated machines, don’t go the right way. The secondary problem to this issue is 30% of energy and water resources are used to keep the machines clean, which unfortunately don’t clear the residual food particles in the equipment.
AI to the rescue. The University of Nottingham created a system that flawlessly clears small food particles that traditionally is not possible. With the use of optical fluorescence imaging and ultrasonic sensing technologies, channelized by AI, this system helps monitor microbial debris and use lesser resources unlike before. Tested & Proven.
Food Safety Compliance
Safety concerns are a great deal in the food & beverage industry. The smallest trivial error of a missing glove can stamp your food to be contaminated. This can hugely lower down sales and a good review amongst the customers. An end-to-end video intelligence that helps monitor safety breaches in real-time. Be it at the restaurant kitchen or the cloud kitchen, the AI-enabled CCTVs detect of any violations, trickling down to employees without a proper uniform.
With the large-scale implementation of, restaurant authorities can easily manage employees in restaurants & cloud kitchens for any safety & cleanliness breaches. This time it’s discipline from food preparation to food serving.
Decision-Making Assistance
When food companies offer food for your current mood, the process becomes simpler. And this simple process is implied with the AI and the algorithm that helps make a better purchasing decision.
A familiar case study was when Kellogg’s campaign came in place. The company allowed customers to create their own customization offering 50 ingredients for a perfect breakfast.
This helped the company store multiple possible recipes, picked up by AI and push this taste among demographics of the same kind. With a backed-up idea of what each group profile likes, Kelloggs easily pushed their product, making smaller batches that were sold, furthermore.
With advancements that are defining the menu to equipment that serves food, AI is contributing massively. With such expansions and innovations, AI is revolutionizing the F & B sector forever. Speeding up the production, reducing maintenance time, advancing automation processing and eventually excellent customer experience, AI is simply working wonders.