Real-Time AI-based Virtual Auditing Video Intelligence is a Real-Time video analytics platform that enables enterprises to supercharge their business with video analytics. We leverage pre-existing CCTV-IP infrastructure and monitor a variety of standard operating procedures across our industry checklists.

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Food & Beverage

We serve F&B and enable them to provide customers with quality food prepared in hygienic kitchens by well-groomed employees. We detect deviations right from the missing hairnet to messy outlets floors.

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Workplace Safety ensures that workplaces post COVID, remain as safe as they were pre-COVID. Hence to keep workplaces secure, checks for mask use, employee attendance, social distancing and even monitors employee productivity. Workplaces just as they were, with AI.

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As retail stores are doing their best to serve you at all times, supports them with specific features, especially during COVID times. Detecting theft in the store to spotting social distancing & mask, even during rush hours, manages it all.

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