O U R E Y E . A I

AI-powered Virtual Auditor of Operations

The operational challenges of your brick-and-mortar can disappear with real-time video analytics and alerts from OurEye.

Make Faster & Smarter Data-Driven Business Decisions


Get Real-time Insights & Alerts

OurEye is an AI-Based virtual auditor for businesses that analyze video feeds directly from CCTV Camera in real-time and convert the live events into actionable insights. OurEye brings life to surveillance cameras and helps you uncover the power of AI to make faster & smarter business decisions.


Instant Mobile & Email Alerts

OurEye alerts the user if any SOP deviations, or security/safety threats are detected.


Data to Insights in Seconds

OurEye captures all the data from live CCTV feeds and turns it into actionable business insights

Backed and Partnered by the best

We have joined forces with the best to build a solid product which is efficient to deliver solid data with over 97% accuracy.

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